Industrial and Environmental Solutions


Our products are currently being used at Steel Mills, Oil Drilling Sites, Pipe Yards, Construction Sites, Brick Yards, Stone Quarries, Warehouse Facilities and Trucking Operations and can be used on all types of unpaved surfaces.

AHP-9000: Is an environmentally safe polymer used to control dust on unpaved roads and erosion control on stock piles. This product dries clear for aesthetically appearance, is non-corrosive and easy to apply.

AEH-4000: An asphalt emulsion that penetrates and bonds aggregate particles together, creating a hard surface. After product cures the road surface will become water resistant and not re-emulsify.

LSH-5000: Usable on all types of roads, easy to apply, non-corrosive washes off equipment and economically priced.

ALH-7030: Is a combination of two dust control products that are a custom blended, for unique applications that improves surface durability.

LVH-6000: Has a natural appearance and superior penetration. Roads are traversable after an application.

AHS-7000: An SS-1 asphalt emulsion that will minimize grading cost, water resistant after drying and is non-corrosive.

MCH-8000: Is a hygroscopic product that absorbs moisture from the air and comes ready to apply, so there is no time wasted in mixing or preparation.

With a customer's specific need AHP will custom blend a product to
meet the customer demand and result they look to achieve.



275 and 330 Gallon Totes shipped via Common Carrier

5,000 to 6,000 gallons in Truck Tankers

20,0000 gallons and larger is delivered via Railcars


All application equipment can be modified to meet customer's needs and can be purchased or leased.

1000 gallon trailers (poly tank)

2000 gallon spray truck & water truck (metal or poly tank)

2350 gallon spray truck & water truck ( metal or poly tank)

4000 gallon spray truck & water truck (metal tank)

6000 gallon and up water trucks

We also offer the service of outfitting customers pre-existing equipment into effective dust control application equipment.