Industrial and Environmental Solutions

Dust Control Solutions for Houston, San Antonio, Dallas and the state of Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and New Mexico

A.H. Products, A Texas company specializing in environmentally friendly dust suppressant products for all types of unpaved surfaces, with application equipment in Houston, San Antonio and Dallas. At A.H. Products we have a full line of products to meet each customers specific needs.

At A.H. Products we have found that there is high demand for customers to have ability to apply dust control material on their own work schedule. At A.H. Products we work with each of our clients to custom build Dust Control Application Equipment to meet those needs. We also work with clients to modify or upgrade pre-existing application equipment that are currently being used.

A.H. Products, Inc.Programs

A.H. Products works closely with each of its clients to assemble a fugitive emissions program that will be effective, environmentally safe, and economical. The scope of these programs may include:

·  Supplying dust suppressant material only
·  Providing Equipment and material
·  Managing a Full Turnkey dust control program with equipment, storage, material and personnel on site    24/7.

At A.H. Products we understand that each customer situation is unique and we will work on ways to solve each of our clients Dust Control, Erosion Control, or Road Stabilization problems with our commitment to customer satisfaction and service.